Electric Devices & Make-Up

Vibration Switch

The vibration switch will interrupt power to the motor in the event of excessive vibration.

The switch is adjustable for sensitivity and requires manual reset.

Basin Heaters

Heaters protect the basin water to 4°C at -18°C ambient.

Also available for -29°C and -40°C ambient cold weather applications.

Electrical Water Level Control

Electric water level control provides accurate control of the pan water level.

It does not require field adjustment, even under widely variable operating conditions.

The control was designed by Evapco and consists of multiple heavy duty stainless steel electrodes.
These electrodes are mounted external to the unit in a vertical stand pipe.

Retrofit kit available to replace the standard mechanical float valve assembly.

Low Water Cut Off

The low water protection device is fitted to prevent the heater elements from energizing unless they are completely submerged.

Solenoid Valve

The solenoid valve is suitable for a pressure between 35 kPa (minimum) and 700 kPa (maximum).

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