Sound Attenuation & Discharge Hoods

Inlet Attenuation (Centrifugal Units)

Baffled panels to change the path of the air entry and to capture the radiated noise thus reducing the overall sound levels generated.

Discharge Attenuation (Centrifugal Units)

Straight sided design casing with insulated baffles to reduce the overall sound levels of the discharge air.

The discharge attenuation incorporates a large access panel to allow entry to the drift eliminators and water distribution system.

Super Low Sound Fan Sections (Axial Units)

Evapco can supply a complete replacement fan section with the exclusive super low sound fan for easy installation.

Available for all AT & UAT cooling towers, ATW & ESWA fluid coolers and ATC condensers.

Consult the factory for availability on non-Evapco units

Discharge Hood (Centrifugal Units)

Available to increase the discharge air velocity and avoid air recirculation problems in case of specific installations.

Discharge hoods can be straightsided or tapered, depending on site requirements.
For closed circuit coolers, they are fitted with motorised dampers.

Water Silencer (Axial Units)

The water silencer retrofit kit is available for all induced draft models and is located in the falling water area of the cold water basin.

The water silencer will reduce the high frequency noise associated with the falling water and is capable of reducing overall sound levels.

The water silencers are constructed of lightweight PVC sections and can be easily removed for access to the basin area.

The water silencer will have no impact on unit thermal performance.

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