Counterflow Deckfill

EVAPAK® Deckfill

The patented EVAPAK® fill was developed in Evapco’s heat transfer laboratory through thousands of hours of thermal performance testing.

EVAPAK®’s unique crossfluted, counterflow fill pattern is designed to induce highly turbulent mixing of the air and water to provide superior heat transfer.

The structure of the EVAPAK® deck fill is stronger than other deck fill bundles available on the market.

Each EVAPAK® bundle is branded, i.e. single bundles are marked with the Evapco name to ensure identification of replacement fill.

EVAPAK® fill is constructed of inert polyvinylchloride (PVC). It will not rot or decay and is formulated to withstand water temperatures of 55°C. Higher temperature fill is available upon request.

Evapco will custom design and manufacture PVC fill for all cooling towers regardless of the original manufacturer.

Mr. GoodTower® Service Centers can also offer the fill replacement thru their qualified technicians.

Any Part...Any Manufacturer...Any Time!

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