Crossflow Fill

Crossflow Fill

Evapco Crossflow Fill Kits are designed by professional cooling tower engineers to maximize thermal performance and provide ease of operation.

The Evapco fill is also supported from beneath with heavy duty galvanized supports.

Evapco lightweight modular fill bundles are quick and easy to install.

Each replacement crossflow fill kit comes with a complete set of written instructions that are easy to follow. To compliment the instructions, Evapco also provides detailed drawings.

Evapco Crossflow fill is constructed of inert polyvinylchloride (PVC). It will not rot or decay and is formulated to withstand water temperatures of 55°C. Higher temperature fill is available upon request.

Evapco’s lightweight modular fill is also EASY TO REMOVE! This desirable feature allows for easy cleaning and access to all the interior sheet metal surfaces in the tower.

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