Evapco's patented Thermal-Pak® coils, with its unique elliptical design, provides maximum heat transfer and thermal performance with minimum pressure drop.

The elliptical tube design allows for closer tube spacing, resulting in greater surface area per plan area than round tube coil designs. In addition, the Thermal-Pak design has lower resistance to airflow and also permits greater water loading, making the Thermal-Pak® coil the most effective design available.

Thermal-Pak® Coils are fabricated from all prime surface steel then hot dip galvanized for corrosion protection and undergo very strict controls.

Coils also available in stainless steel.

Replacing corroded and leaking coils will eliminate water, glycol, and refrigerant loss.

Scaled up coils can reduce capacity up to 30%!

Evapco will custom design and manufacture replacement coils for any manufacturer's cooler or condenser.

Evapco guarantees the replacement will fit the existing unit.

Any Part...Any Manufacturer...Any Time!

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